March 31, 2008

I blame the rain.

My friends know that I am such a mellow person. Sensitive, emotional, moody, mellow... you name it. Maybe it's the Cancerian characteristics which have been bestowed upon me? But strangely enough, I haven't been mellow in quite a long time now. For months actually.

When I'm down or mellow or sad, I usually let myself cry for a second to let it all out - then I'll feel so much better. I haven't cried in ages as far as I remember. I have no idea why. It kinda feels that something inside 'prevents' me from crying - and then it feels as if your heart just skipped a beat and everything felt numb. Maybe I'm not sad enough or maybe it's the summer heat (and believe me, it's been real hot here!).

This morning is different. I woke up to find that it's cloudy and it's raining quite heavily outside. Autumn is here, I guess. The cold weather made me NOT want to go to work and stayed in bed the whole day, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. So I got ready, grabbed my flimsy brolly and went to work.

The bus was packed today, but thank God, I managed to find a seat just near the window. My shoes are a bit wet, and so does my bag. School is on again, and so many students chatting and screaming in the bus which annoyed me. So I put on my iPod to cast away all those noise. For the whole journey, I just stared outside and watched the raindrops streamed down the window.

And I felt like crying my heart out that very instant. I don't know why. I don't know which one of these things in my heart and my head that makes me want to cry. It's too many.

What is it about the rain that makes me want to cry?
Or maybe it's the greyness of the sky?
Or is it the song I played in my iPod? but I have been listening to it over and over and over again and it never made me want to cry.
Or maybe that 'thing' I think I just realized recently and tried really hard to avoid?

Or maybe I'm just over-reacting...?

Whatever it is, forgive me if I'm not myself today (or maybe I'm just being myself...)

I blame it all on the rain.


March 25, 2008

An Easter Holiday

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you had a great Easter because I had a fabulous one!
As I stated in my previous posts, some friends and I went down south on Easter holiday. This is actually the first Easter in six or seven years that I spent on holidays with friends. The past six Easters I spent serving in Church - don't get me wrong, it's great! but I just really want to have a holiday with friends and the only time we are able to do that was Easter because everyone is on holidays. So, apologies to Pastor D and Ci Hulda for not being able to be rostered this Easter - but I heard it was a great one so YAY!

We started the road trip on a very fine Friday morning. Woke up early and got picked up by the gank in our fabulous rented Hyundai Imax. To our surprise, the car was huge and spacious. It can fit 8 people easily without squishing anyone and all of our luggage.
As usual, Captain Chrizz has his GPS ready to guide us and Indra as the co-captain of the day. We stopped at Hungry Jack's @ Mandurah for brekkie - which was nice and head off straight to Margaret River.

the whole gank with our super spacious car

We stopped by for lunch at Cape Lavender. Too bad that the lavenders are not in season so only some of them were blooming. I must recommend this restaurant to everyone! Their food are gorgeous. I had their Spicy Squid for entree, Salmon with mashed potato and brocollini as my main and a Lavender Creme Brulee with Raspberry Shiraz as dessert. I gotta tell ya, the salmon is the best one I had so far in my entire life! I also brought home their lavender carbenet jam and lavender tea. Haven't tried them - but I will very very soon!

After lunch we head straight to our apartment. It was gorgeous - a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with spa. We also have tennis court (half of it though!), swimming pool and barbeque area. We didn't play tennis outdoor since it's only half court - but Indra brought Nintendo Wii and we had fun playing it. Fang knocked Indra out in boxing EVERYTIME! Domestic Violence, Australia Says NO!!!

We basically spent the trip with wine tasting - cheese tasting - eating, drinking and be merry - until our tummy is round and fat. To sum it all, it was very memorable and fun! I felt so relaxed and so at ease it's amazing. On our way back, we visit the famous Bunker Bay Resort - and man, it was gorgeous! it's like something that comes out of a postcard. The beach has white sand with a very very clear blue sea. Very tempted to actually jumped in and played in the sea - however since it's 'private property of the Bunker Bay guests only' and we kind of 'trespassing'. Well technically we had lunch there, so we're guests too I guess :P

we love Bunker Bay!! YEAAAYY.. (look at Chris's pose! *LOL*)

waiting eagerly for my lunch @ Bunker Bay Resort

I can't post too many pics here because we took SO MANY pictures with Indra's fabulous professional photography skills. Liza n Chris also had their so-called pre-prewed photos, if you know what I mean, which turned out beautifully. Well done and thank you, Indra! You could see the pics from the trip in his website:

Now I'm at my office - losing my will to work and wanting more holidays! We're actually planning to go on another road trip around September/October - so I'm searching for good holiday accommodations and booking them now!

So what did you do for Easter? I hope it's as great as mine - or greater even!
Happy Tuesday, everyone... and back to reality... *work, brain! work!!*


March 19, 2008

♪ Spider Pig... Spider Pig ♫

Something happened to me. Something that I have never experienced before - and I would never thought it will happened to me. I got bitten by a spider... A SPIDER!!!!

It was a three-day process for me to figured out that I have been bitten by a spider and this is the chronology of the event...

Day 1
I went home from work on Wednesday, changed my clothes and went straight to a meeting at church. When I went home from that meeting, I found a tiny lump on my left arm - like a mosquito bite. I thought to myself "it's just a mozi bite, should be fine..." completely ignored it, and went to sleep peacefully.

Day 2
As soon as I arrived at the office, I felt that my left arm itched a bit. So, being me - a self-ignorant fool - I scratched it. You know that feeling when you have an itch that's very very itchy and you scratch it? feels so good, right? That's exactly what I was feeling. By afternoon, my whole left arm went red and even more itchy. I spent the whole night trying really hard not to scratch it, but failed!

Day 3
Woke up today, and to my horror, found that my arm was swelling. It was really big, red and VERY itchy. Even more itchy than yesterday. Even my left sleeve couldn't really fit into my left arm since it was really swelling. I still came up to work, however, when my colleagues saw it, they convinced me to book a doctor appointment right away.

Altogether now.... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny enough, the doctor gasped in the sight of my arm. Was it that horrible??!!! Yes, it was! I was officially a she-hulk. A red she-hulk that is. He said that it was most likely a spider bite, to be precise, a whitetail spider bite. 95% of the bite is harmless, however - to those unlucky 5% - the poison from the spider's venom will 'eat' their muscle slowly and completely ruin it. SCARY!!

He said that I was lucky that I got treated as soon as possible, and that I had quite a strong reaction to the bite. He gave me tablets and creams to heal it. Kindly enough, my boss sent me home early because he was worried and he wants me to get some rest. Pretty much spent Friday night nursing my swollen arm at home.

What bummed me the most was that very Saturday was my friend's wedding. He was a very good friend of mine from college. I have thought about what dress I was going to wear, how I was going to do my hair, which shoes and which accessories I was going to wear - but apparently because of my horrid swollen arm - I had to cancel :(

Fang told me that the wedding was lovely, and knowing our friend - Ace aka Bryan (BRYAN??!! since whennnnn??!!) - is a VERY romantic person, he prepared a surprise firework for his new wife while her favorite song was played on the background. So sweet! I'm so sad I have to miss that...

But anyway, on a more positive note, due to my horrid swollen arm I get to rest the whole day Saturday at home, just being lazy. I'm still expecting symptoms of myself turning into spiderman. Tried the whole 'web throwing with 'metal' hand shape' but didn't work until now. Maybe it took some time for the spider DNA to adjust... However, since i'm a pig (because I love to eat and I do look like one, you know) that makes me not a spiderman... but a spider pig??

♪ Spider Pig, Spider Pig... Does whatever a Spider Pig does... Can she swing from a web? No, she can't. She's a pig. LOOK OUT! She is a Spider Pig ♪

Stupid Homer.



March 13, 2008

An unexpected kind gesture

Just a quick update...

You guys remember that post where I said I was 'struggling' with what I have to do in the office because we were short on staff at the moment? Well... as I was working my way through the pile of jobs I have in front of me... My boss, the lovely and funny "CR" walked to my desk and put this in front of me.

"You're doing such a great job..." He said. I was touched. Didn't expect it at all. Not that I really fancy wine or anything - but that was a nice gesture. The wine is from the 'Howling Wolves' Margaret River, and it was a sparkling white shiraz. The bottle was pretty and pinkish-champagne... I wonder whether it taste nice too? NO! no wine for lunch!!!

Well, that made my day so far... but a big PAY RISE will make my day even MORE!


Get Carried Away

It's almost here... my most anticipated movie of the year... I have watched the trailer over and over and over again until I lost count on how many times I actually played it - yet I forgot to share it with you here in my blog.. so, drum roll please... the girls are back!

Yes yes! My favorite group of girls are finally here for a HOT comeback. Once again, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte will take us walking (more like strutting for Carrie though) through downtown NY in all its glory - starting in May 2008.

Sex And The City - by far - is my favorite television show ever!! I know that some people consider it to be just 'sex' as in intimate-wise, but apparently I read somewhere that the 'sex' in SATC was meant for genders. Like women vs men, mars vs venus. Note the constant issues that the lead female characters have in finding 'true love'.

I was so sad when the series ended. Happy for the ending though, but left a bit curious on what's gonna happen for Carrie and Big. And who would've thought that Big's real name is John James Preston! Gosh, so many things are being kept so secretive.

Will Carrie and Big get married? Charlotte is really pregnant? Could Steve be cheating on Miranda? Sam and Smith are still together? And look at Charlotte's adopted chinese girl... she's adorable!

And of course, Patricia Field, the stylist guru for SATC (she's also doing Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle at the moment) came up with more dramatic fashion statements, which will look ridiculous on us, but look great on the girls! How could I not be wanting the bags, the shoes and the clothes!

I love the fact that SATC is based in the 'it' city, NYC. The hype, the night-life, the brunches, Central Park, Charlotte's posh fifth avenue apartment... I love them all. NYC is definitely one of my must-visit cities. For a hint of NYC daily, check out Ming the Merciless's blog with daily photographs of NYC. Makes me want to go there even more. NOT HELPING!

I absolutely love the song choices used for this trailer. The opening jazz number was "Blue Skies" which I think in this trailer, was performed by Ella Fitzgerald (?) - which is one of my all-time favorite jazz number - then followed by India Arie's version by "The Heart of The Matter". And it gives me goosebumps hearing the SATC theme in big band at the end of it. Seriously classy!

I can't wait until this movie is here in Australia. Oh please hurry, I miss the girls so much! I'm planning to go to the advanced screening if anyone's interested in joining. I hope Hoyts Cinema do SATC Advanced screening though - so will keep you posted!

For now, check out the official SATC Movie blog for your SATC indulgence :)


March 12, 2008

Inspire me!

I don't know why but lately I don't have any inspiration on writing on my blog. Why is that so?? I guess that's because nothing's exciting is happening on my life lately. Basically, my life from Monday-Friday is about work - yes, I'm officially a workaholic.

One of my colleagues at work, Alisha, suddenly resigned about three weeks ago - without giving her two weeks notice. She had been working in the company for like 7 or 8 years and I have no idea why she quit. Anyway, by default, her work had been allocated to me and my other colleague, Alison. In the same time, we had another girl starting to work with us as our junior assistant and I'm the one appointed to trained her.

It was a real mess for the first week without Alisha here in the company - she basically runs the workshop and making sure that every job has been done in timely manner by the jewellers. Imagine me and Alison have to process the job, run around chasing it, and train a new person at the same time! It's CRAZY! I didn't go to lunch at the appointed time for like two weeks in a row, and basically exhausted when I got home.

And at this very moment, Alison's on a three-weeks holiday. A well-deserved holiday I say, because she's been working really hard. I was left with the department and the new girl. I was soooooo scared! Because that means I have to Alison's work too for three weeks. I prayed to God on Monday before I went to work... saying please help me and please make it easier in anyway possible. And so far so good, I got most of the jobs I need to get out up until Friday. We will have a training on a new system today so I will pretty much be away from my computer (I guess).

It's funny though... I have this one-year devotional calendar I put on my desk at the office. And for this whole time, all the encouragement words for the day up until today was about COURAGE and asking God for help in times of need. Coincidence? I don't think so :) God's timing is always right and there is NO such thing as coincidence.

Look at the bright side... Despite all the busy-ness of work, I've got more responsibility now. I've got entrusted more than what I used to. With great power comes great responsibilities I guess... and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And I love my job, my colleagues, my boss and the company! So, Praise God for allowing me to work here and to experience all these :)

But for now, let me just say... I am VERY looking forward for Easter holidays since a bunch of us will go away to Margaret River for three days! Note to self: take a lot of pictures and will definitely write about the trip here in the blog. Finally, some inspiration!

Oh hey... I wrote a post. I did.
Being a workaholic can be inspiring too at times, I guess :P

Over and out people.

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl