September 28, 2007

Ready... Set... Go!

Hello, people! I finally have time to do a blog update. These past few weeks has been really really hectic for me due to a lot of events coming up... and one for tomorrow is Ariel's wedding! She has officially opened the 'Wedding Season' this year, with Indra&Fang's following up 2 weeks after hers and Ivan&Adel's on the next fortnight. Crazyyyyyy!

My body feels exhausted but I am excited! I am so happy for the three of my friends who are going to tie the knot because I've known them all quite well... It seemed like just yesterday that we discussed assignments, exams, guys (as in potential boyfriends!) and here they are now.. ready to walked down that aisle, promised to be together for a lifetime and opened up a brand new chapter in their lives... I'm just so happy for them! :) because that means I get to organize their hens nights! (be afraid, girls... be VERY afraid!!!)

Last week we had Lisyen's hens night (to avoid any confusion: Ariel = Lisyen). It went quite well but if I had more time to prepare, it would be better I guess... but hey the most important thing was Lisyen enjoyed it (IYA KAN SYEN???!!) and for those of you who was curious on what was happening.. you can check her friendster for a very very sexy sneak-peek photo :P

Oh and the highlight of this week is the LONG WEEKEND ahead! *woo-hoo!* I'm so going to relax and do me-moments that I need to catch up on (like mani padi, gym, book, cleaning... ahhh the serenity!) Perth Royal Show is also back in town starting tomorrow (we're going next Saturday guys!! calling all RoyalShowBoys Band :P) and my colleagues at work are starting to get psyched out over the AFL Grand Final this weekend... At least this week is long weekend.. I believe that all my full-time workers friends agree with me that we are all looking forward to this week as we feel like the below video week after week after week :P

I've got my annual leave for Fang's wedding approved by my boss... I've got 5 days off to fully helped her prepare for the wedding day. Defy is going to be here a week before (YAY!!!) so a full team of bridesmaids are ready to help, fang!! Kikis & Lia (Indra's lil bro and his gf) are coming this Monday from Jakarta so it's going to be merry and brighttttt... (emang Christmas?)

Crazzzyyyyy... See how time has changed us hey... From boys, exams and parties to work, financial and weddings... Xenia is having her baby in 2 weeks, and who knows who might come next (iren? hehehehehehehehehehe) One thing does not change though... I still feel and look like a sausage!

Over and out people :) Will update more with pics pics picsssss :D


September 11, 2007

On medication

For the last week and a half, I've been down with this throat infection virus thingy and still am at this moment. The virus managed to knock me out last week, resulting in a full week of work absences, two doctor visits, and a week of bed-rest and 'home-arrest'.

The two doctors I saw told me the exact same thing: "It's a virus and antibiotics won't cure it. You just have to take it easy, drink plenty of water, and get some rest. Do not overworked or overstressed yourself because it's only going to make it worse." No antibiotics... greatttttt. No quick way to cure this because the doctors told me "it's going to take you a while to be 100%". Great.

Some problems in life are just like this virus, don't you think? No quick way of curing your disappointments, no antibiotics. Like a friend who broke a promise he made from a long time ago just like that, or an ex-boyfriend who moved on too quickly, or the pain and agony of being away from your loved ones, to have a near-death experience, being pissed off at someone but couldn't do anything, or being pressured by work and your boss... y'know, those kinds of things.

You wished you'll get over it quickly. Painless. But the reality is.. it won't be that easy. There's not antibiotics to cure it, the only way is for you to chill, take your time.. take it easy. But life's gotta move on. The world does not stop for your grief...

So for now, I'm just going to take it easy... thank goodness I have the new super-thick US Vogue with me tonight, to help me rest and 'take my mind off things' :)