February 16, 2008

Nasi Lengko Ala Tasia & Fang

Desperate situation calls for desperate measures. I guess those saying is actually real for me and Fang today. We are desperately want to eat a good meal from back home which we couldn't find in Perth, so we decided to make one just like it. You see, my parents came from Tegal... I grew up speaking Javanese and ate their kind of food. Fang came from Purwokerto which is near Tegal, so basically we came from the same cultural background.

Today, we decided to make Nasi Lengko. It's one of the traditional cuisine from Tegal/Purwokerto which consists of fried tofu, tempe, beansprout and cucumber. Then we add peanut sauce, the 'kerupuk mie' (somekind of crackers) and sweet soya sauce on top. We served them with rice (some sort of gado gado mixed with rice, i guess...)

So our small 'adventure' began from Kongs Oriental Supermarket where we bought the ingredients. Somehow we couldn't find cucumbers in that store. So we walked to Coles which is right across the street... but the things is.. I forgot my wallet at home and Fang didn't have any cash in hers. Therefore, we decided to do it without cucumber (sigh)

The first thing that we have to do to make Lengko is to make the peanut sauce. We have to crushed together chilli and garlic until they blended. But... due to the shortage of our mortal and pestal ability (yeap, we're not that talented) Fang managed to find a very creative way to crushed them... with a wrench.

So this is what she did... she put the garlic and chilli in a plastic, and beat them up with the wrench! A bit brutal, but she managed to do it. Well done, Fang!

So after that, we prepared all the ingredients for Nasi Lengko. We create the peanut sauce, fried the tahu and tempe, fried the kerupuk and boil the beansprouts.

After everything is ready, then we start on the fun part. Putting it all together! :) So basically you just put the rice together with everything, and it came out like this...


And now the time we were waiting for... eating it! Fang and I were really pleased with the result we couldn't stop eating. We actually thinking of getting a second round if we're hungry again later on. Oops!

Happy Ya Ya Ya... Happy Ye Ye Ye... Aku senang jadi anak Tegal :P


Comfort food

As for those of you who knows me well, you will know for sure that I love noodles more than I love rice. One of my favorite comfort food is the legendary... indomie! You are not indonesian or any other asian if you don't like instant noodles :P

I know it's not healthy - but who could resist them? With so many variations of delicious taste, you simply couldn't say no to them.

To cut our expenses from eating out (believe me, eating out here is not like eating out in Jakarta in the Abang-Abang section which cost you only what... $1.50?) my friends and I are implementing (duile bahasanya) a new tradition of cooking on weekends. We would decide on what to cook, and then on weekends we would gather up at someone's house (usually Fang's or Chris's) to put the menu into practice!

Today I would like to share one of my comfort food recipes... My grandma used to cook indomie like this and we all loved it. I shared it with my friends the other day and now they're hooked! (I guess Gossip Girl is not the only thing that can get you hooked).

Anyway... here goes... presenting the "Talkative Noodle" aka "Bakmie Bawel" (yes, they named it that way because apparently I love to talk.. geez!) or the more 'kampung' version of the name is InTerNet (Indomie, Telor, Kornet) Best to be eaten at winter time!

Bakmie Bawel
Serves: one

Blue Band Margarine (the best brand, seriously)
Indomie kuah (preferable Soto Mie)
Hamper Beef Corned (or Spam would do too)
Meatballs (any kind you like)
Vegetables (any kind you like)
But again, these ingredients can be altered depending on your preferences.


  1. Chopped up garlic roughly and diced spam (if you decided to use spam, if you are using the hamper beef, just put it to the wok straight away later) and slice the chilli.
  2. Heat up your wok (make sure your wok is deep enough for the soup) and put one tsp of Blue Band Margarin
  3. Sautee the garlic and chilli until their aroma comes out, put your spam/hamper beef into the wook. Sautee until it changes color.
  4. Put one (or two) chicken eggs and scramble it (if you want to have an egg sauce instead of normal soup, put the eggs last after the soup and stir)
  5. Pour hot water inside the wok. If you don't like it too soup-y don't pour too much of the water (just as long as you can cook the noodles) but if you like the soup, be my guest :)
  6. Put your uncooked indomie noodles inside, and put the spices from the packet straight into the bowl!
  7. Stir well, put your vegetables inside.
  8. After it's cooked, pour a little bit of soup into the bowl to stir the spices with. After it's stirred, pour the whole thing inside the bowl
  9. Squeeze one slice of lemon on top, decorate it with fried shallots, chillies and corianders
  10. Eat up and enjoy :)

Best served during winter, with friends and laughter on the side :)


23 Going 30?

I have just been talking to a friend of mine lately about how our lives has developed over the years without us even realizing it.

It seemed like it's only yesterday when we were at our college years... then uni years... with all the stress of assignments and exams, with all of those glorified day-offs, staying up late at uni to work on ur assignment even though you end chatting in MSN or browsing through Friendster (yeap, Facebook was not even IT at that time), juggling between school and full time job... man, what a life!

And now suddenly you'll find yourself to be almost 24 years old (OK, I admit.. that's only me!) with a bachelor degree and a full time job. You basically don't want to go out and play on weekday nights due to tiredness (I don't even know how to anymore! ahaha), you kinda hate dressing up for some reason, you tend to eat MORE, you love to stay in with a good movie and a homecook meal, you don't have the strength to go out and shop around during weekends (that's a good thing for me!)... to cut the story short - u became a lazy bum :P

Time goes by so quickly, and before you know it, you'll be like... 30. Wait, that's a scary thought! Hahaha. But it's trueee... What if you wake up and realize that you haven't achieved what you want to achieved.. you haven't done what you want to do... you'll never know right?

That's why, I'm compiling a list of things that I want to do before I'm 30. Here goes...
  1. Buy a car in 2008 (happening!)
  2. Buy a house here in Perth in two years time (if I decide to stay here for a long long long time, that is)
  3. To learn Chinese and French
  4. Get a tattoo, and yes, I'm serious.
  5. Visit US at least once more with my friends
  6. To adopt another Compassion child - and actually visit them in real life
  7. To actually lose those extra pounds on me... for good!
  8. To do a culinary course - and master it
  9. Own my small business with my best friends
  10. Visit Europe with mum and sis
  11. To reach that digits in my bank account
  12. Maybe... study again?
  13. To be able to pay my sister's tuition fee
  14. Have a dog here in Perth
  15. To climb up that career ladder. I'll get there someday!
  16. To actually try out for Australian Idol... I'm just curious about it!
  17. Oh... and, to get a boyfriend and get married. HAHAHA. I almost forgot that one!
  18. To enjoy every second of your life to the max - that's an ongoing process
  19. To be better.. and better.. and better - that's also an ongoing process)
  20. To learn piano at same stage. I have a very minimum knowledge of keys and chords it's embarassing
  21. To actually stick to this list and crossed it off one by one :P
That is for now I guess... I'm pretty sure that I'll be adding some more to it and when I'm 30, I'll make the list of things to do before I turn... er... 40?


February 14, 2008

Celebrating LOVE

Since it's 14/02/08... I just had to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May your day be filled with love and joy with your loved ones.

To think of it, we should make everyday Valentine's Day. I mean, expressions of love doesn't need to only be shown on a special day. Make an effort to surprise your loved ons with little things, call up your parents in Indo to find out how they are doing and say that you love them, do one act of random kindness everyday, and just be nice to each other :)

After all, we should work like we don't need the money, love like your heart has never been broken and dance like no one's watching.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone~!


I'm a Self-confessed Foodie

So it's been... what, two months after I last blogged? I know, I know. I should've write more constantly in my blog if I want to keep it alive, and I will try hard this year to make that happen. Anyway, I hope you all are well and so do your loved ones. I had a two week holiday in January so I went back to Indo to be with my mum, which was really awesome.

My whole trip was really packed. I only had a short holiday, however I managed to squeeze in a 3 days 2 nights trip to Malaysia to visit my baby sister. But everything was great, eventhough I was so so so tired from it. The highlight of my trip was (besides seeing my family and friends) the food!

I managed to compile a list of food that I want to eat, but I ate only like one third of it :( but at least I ate the most most important ones! Now you can see how much I love my food - and yes, with Lisyen as my foodie partner by my side we managed to tear Mangga Dua apart to shop AND eat. Maybe I should write a Jakarta food guide :P Below are just a couple of my 'evidences' that you can look (and drool) at.

Evidence 1

Beautika - Manado food! if you can handle an extreme level of HOTNESS, then you should try Beautika. I ate there and literally sweating, puffing, and teary-eyed because of the chilli, but it was hella good. I think they have two outlets which are in Hang Lekir or Tanah Abang. In the picture is Sayur Bunga Pepaya, Ikan Tude and Ayam Woku, topped with the yummy Sambal Roa (which I managed to bring to Perth! YAYYYY) - you should try their awesome Es Duren Kacang here too!

Evidence 2

Sushi Tei - Sushi Galore! If you ever in Indo (Jakarta, that is... or Bandung) you HAVE to try the sushi in Sushi Tei. They are fabulous! Especially the Dragon Roll which were arranged in the shape of the dragon. I ate here with Josh and Arthur the other day, while watching the mbak-mbak and mas-mas star-strucked by Ari Wibowo's presence! But man, I couldn't care less since I was enjoying my food so much!

I only took pictures in those two restaurants... However I do recommend these for you to try out:

  1. Yakoya Shabu-Shabu Restaurant @ Plaza Bumi Daya - great shabu-shabu which cost only Rp.100.000,- per head. But be warned, do not try to have an ice ocha drinking competition with your friend, you will end up throwing up in the bathroom like me! (kembung, gokil!!)
  2. Bakmie Alok - Tanjung Duren - My parents eat here since they were only dating, until now. It's definitely one of my favorite noodles! The noodles are a bit er... what's the english for it yah? rubbery. haha. but mannnn... it's really good! especially if you eat it with onion chives and lots lots of chilli :)
  3. Wong Tegal - Tanjung Duren - My parents came from Tegal originally. Even though I was born and raised in Jakarta, I spoke Tegal fluently and love the food to death. Wong Tegal was owned by my parents' friends (since it's a very small town, everyone knows each other) which served traditional Tegal cuisine like Nasi Lengko, Nasi Rames, Nasi Bogana, Nasi Langgi, etc etc.
  4. Sandwich Bakar - Puri Indah - Some sort of roti panggang but wayyyy more expensive. The sandwich bakar itself was quite alright, but hey you have to try the Wedang Ronde with Soya Bean Milk. I was introduced to it by the Soejantos, was a bit reluctant of trying it out at first because Wedang Ronde is always served with Ginger. Surprisingly, it was really good and I don't want to turn back :P
  5. Bakmie Poppay - Mangga Dua - Lisyen and I rushed into Bakmie Poppay the minute we arrived in Mangga Dua. Our main focus was to shop, however we HAVE to stop here and eat. When we arrived, the place was not open yet but lots of people have waited outside patiently (or impatiently?) to eat the noodles. We ordered one each, with one pempek on the side to share, topped with es buah from across the resto. Then we ate the Rujak Medan. MAN! we are so in need of a diet, syen!
  6. Pepper Lunch - Mal Taman Anggrek - Anny & I went shopping in TA. After hours and hours of walking, we got pretty hungry and decided to try Pepper Lunch. They served your meal uncooked in a hot plate, so you can cook it yourself. The chicken I had was pretty good, and so does Anny's Salmon.
  7. Green Tea Latte @ Starbucks - It's not food, more to a drink. One sentence: WHY DON'T WE HAVE STARBUCKS HERE??!!!
  8. Saung Greenville - Greenville - I've been bragging about the seafood here especially the Black Pepper Crab. They started out the business from their garage at home, and expanded into a mega-seafood restaurant which always fully booked every night! Compared to the seafood prices in Oz, converted to dollars it's hella cheap :P

Ah, I can't remember anymore of the food I ate, and I couldn't help but keep drooling and picturing the food in my mind. Why do I love food so much? Tanyakan saja pada rumput2 yang bergoyang.

Kalo kata anak-anak sih, "Apa sih yang gak enak, Tas?"