January 28, 2007


So 2007 is finally here. Can't believe that 2006 has ended so soon! As usual, I think we all have our own new year resolutions.

My new year resolution is simple this time. I'm going for Detox. BIG TIME!

I'm not only saying about the physical detox. Eating more greens rather than fats (even though i love em). Exercising daily. Avoiding chocolates (yes, chocolates!!! noooo). But yea, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

I'm going for the spiritual, emotional, material detox as well. So, I'm making a list on what I want to do in 2007:

To get rid of those impurities, lies, bad habits, characteristics.
Focus more on Who's important.
Recycling stuff in my wardrobe. Trying to mix and match clothes so I don't have to buy more.
Sell those stuff in the market so that I can actually make some cash :)
Nab my mum's vintage earrings and belts! (thank God you still keep it!)
Read, read, read... my brain needs em!
Work and achieve.
Dream big. Hope big. Pray big!
Maintain relationships that matter.. my gurls, i love ya :)
Do something extraordinary for my mum!
Taking dance classes.
Getting on some part time classes for fashion management or cloth making.
Polish, dear.
Lead a more happy and fruitful life.

And the list goes on and on...

But when it gets too much to handle, always remember to go to the basic.
To the reason why, you're doing it.