June 26, 2007

The Morrison Concept

Old friends (and some-not-so-old-friends) has been asking me question about where I'm working at the moment. Once I mention Morrison, I get three different reactions. They are:

  1. "WOW!! How did you get that job??!! You're so LUCKYY!!" - people who know what Morrison is.

  2. "er... what is Morrison yah?" - people who have no idea what Morrison is (mostly guys!)

  3. "OHHHHH.. yg designer itu kannnn?? yg cowo kepalanya botak" - people who mistaken Morrison to MORRISEY! that's two different thing, dahling!

To set the record straight, let me explain to you what and who Morrison is.

No no, the girl is not Morrison. He is the charming black dog sitting there in the portrait! Morrison is a labrador-kelpie dog owned by the two owners of the business, husband and wife, Richard Poulson and Kylie Radford.

Richard tackles with the development, concept and management of the business, while Kylie is the genius behind the Morrison design. The business started five years ago, and now has been quite a well-known high end fashion label in Australia.

Morrison currently has five stores around Australia. Three in WA (Fremantle, Claremont and Garden City), one in Paddington and a child-store called Mini Morri in Fremantle as well. The Morrison design is unique, well-tailored with exclusive fabrics imported from Europe. Morrison is famous for its pants design called 'The Good Butt Pant' since it sits perfectly and make your bum looks good (trust me, I've tried different styles of the pants and it IS that good!).

I've always wanted a job in Fashion. I know that God provides this job as a stepping stone for me and I am confident that it won't stop here. I love working at Morrison! My colleagues are very friendly, funky and easy-going, the work environment is great great great, and last but not least... FREE CLOTHES!

Typical? I know :)


Beautiful Nails

One of my latest addiction (apart from dark chocolates and vietnamese rolls... yum) are the Chanel Le Vernis range.

Pictured above is the classic Rouge Noir Le Vernis by Chanel. What makes it different from other nail polishes? Why pay more?

I have tested it myself and found out that the brush is flawlessly perfect. It coated your nail perfectly even if you just put on a single layer. It doesn't chip easily, and their range of colour is just great. I am just so amazed that I fell in love with the range that very second.

My first purchase was the Madness Le Vernis, which has sort of like brown-red colour. It took me quite a while to hunt down the legendary Black Satin Le Vernis (as seen on Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton) but I manage to get my hands on it. I haven't found the Silver one yet since it was limited edition, so I doubt it I can find it anywhere except in eBay when they charged ridiculously high price. No, thank you very much.

And then the Ballerina and Sand followed - the perfect nude shade for your nails. Rouge Noir - which more like a black-red mixture, and the Barcelona Red - the perfect red *as in red!* shade.

Gotta love 'em :)


Making A Comeback

After ages of not posting anything on my blog (almost one year to be precise) I have decided to go back to it!

What took me by surprise was (ok, you can laugh) that blogger has a new thing called 'layout'. No, it's not 'template' anymore. I've spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to modify this and that since the default templates from blogger can never satisfy me.

So, what you are viewing at the moment is the first draft of the all-new-cintapopia.blogspot.com. I'm pretty confident that in time I can overcome my gaptekness with CSS and XML and produce something spectacular!
In other words, I'm like Britney Spears (only I'm far better!) making a comeback into the blogger community! YAY :)

Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that people asked me:

  • How's work? - extra crazy, extra fun! I'm building my own stack of Morrison clothes in my wardrobe. Supersize me, please :) Morrison has opened a new branch in Garden City Shopping Centre and has recently been ranked as number 35 from the Top 100 Business Starters Award in Australia.
  • Life...? - is good in general. Still have a lot of room for improvement, but no tree grows without it being pruned, right?
  • Have you got your Permanent Residency? YES, Thank God! I'm now officially a resident of Australia. So I can cross that out of my list for 2007 goals :) Thank you everyone for you support and prayers. It got me through!
  • Who's the lucky guy? I don't understand what you're talking about...

So, that's a very brief and quick update on what's going on in my life currently.

Watch this space as I will definitely making regular entries and this time it's not only about personal issues and thoughts, I'll keep you updated with what's hot and what's not *thanks to Morrison's monthly subscription of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, I am pretty well informed now.. haha*

Ciao bella :)