November 06, 2007

In between weddings, facebook and Heaven's Lamb

Hi folks! How've you been? I hope everything's been well with you guys :)

At last, I finally have the time and willingness to do another post... I know, i know.. it's been a while! As you guys might know, I've been busy with wedding preparations and no, not mine! I've been helping some friends out in their weddings. Two weddings in four weeks... that was kinda exhausting but I had fun :)

The Bridal Party: Rey, Fang-Fang, Indra, Rafael, Me and Defy

The first ones to tied the know was two of my best friends, Indra & Fang-Fang. I've known them for about 6 years now and we've been close friends since God knows when. I've been helping her preparing for the big day since the first day she planned it, it was frustrating but FUN! The day was special also because Defy, our best friend, came all the way from Sydney to join the fun!

After weeks of preparing the timeline, to our relief, the events went smoothly... even though it's a lil bit wet at first. The weather forecast for the day was raining. We could actually see grey skies as we walked out from Fang's house to go to the ceremony. Fang was very worried that it would rain all day, but then we decided to just get on with it. The motto for the day was "Ya... sudahlahhhhh!!!" (which means: Oh, well..) but to our surprise, it was bright blue skies! Thank God! Sure to keep the bride & groom happy :)

The reception went smoothly as well... Old Swan Brewery looked really nicely decorated with handmade napkin rings and table cloth by Fang's mom (good job, tanteeee) and the flowers were nice too. The only disappointment that I had was when the slideshow's music didn't play at all because of a faulty cable! And I stayed up all night to make it :( but, oh well... no sweat!

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves that day and I am certainly very happy for my two best friends! They are perfect for each other and I believe that God has a lot of good things in store for them... So next step, our own business?? Fang, Ndra? hehehehe :)

The next wedding took place two weeks after their's. It was Ivan & Adeline's. Despite the flies and horse-manure-smell during the ceremony (note to self: outdoor parties could be really challenging!) it was a fun night, with most of the guys DRUNK. I don't have many pictures yet so I'll keep you posted when I have one :) Anyway, congratulations guys!

And these past four weeks I found out that Facebook is addictive! It's soooo much fun than Friendster! It has all these applications you can add to your profile page and you can play around with it, poke people, and stuff. It's sooooo cool!

My latest favorite is the Polyvore application, where you can make some sort of 'scrapbook' with real items taken from websites (even net-a-porter!) to describe your sense of style. Highly addictive! I've posted some of my collages here for you to look at... You can create your own background with items and pictures and positioned them the way you wanted them to be... so cool! Hey friendster users, switch to facebook! Hoho...
My Stylesheet #1 - "Night & Day"

My Stylesheet #2 - Pink Is The New Black
My Stylesheet #3 - Passport To Paris

Pheeewww... at least I don't have anymore weddings to go to this year! But then, I am currently busy with the production of The ROCKS Christmas Musical: "Heaven's Lamb". It's scheduled to be performed on 1st December 2007 at 6:00 pm at Perth Christian Life Centre. I will post the poster here after I get the soft-copy from my friend.

With only three weeks left in our window, we are rushing and stressing to prepare everything. It's so hard to produce musicals because we're not only have to practice dialogues, we also have to remember dance moves and song lyrics. Believe me, if you've seen our practice schedules you would say the same thing. I almost cried when I see it! Full on, even on Sunday!

I'm so eager to get this production up and running. Over and done with! I know we'll all be very relieved after the day and have our well-deserved break over December... I think I'm going home, but still not sure... I am currently looking for another job opportunities because I decided that the place I'm currently working with (more to the boss though) doesn't suit my principals and I'm going to move on... so, we'll see :) wish me luck so I can find my dream job, guys!

Over and out, people! Have a good one!